Accredited Calibration Laboratory of Geometric Quantities No. 2277

A calibration laboratory is a key element of many industries that require accuracy and reliability. Ours has been working in an accredited mode for 30 years. It has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.


We perform accredited calibrations in the fields of length and plane angle, our portfolio in these fields is the largest in the Czech Republic.

Activities of Calibration Laboratory No. 2277

We are authorized by top manufacturers of measuring instruments and gauges for calibration and service of their products. We have available spare parts, measuring system linearization and correction map input options.

Our goal is clear – maximum quality not only of the instruments, but also of the personnel who calibrate your gauges in the laboratory. The technicians are experts in their fields, are regularly trained and their knowledge and skills are verified by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

We offer service or repair and accredited calibration of municipal, digital and electronic meters, whether they are calipers, micrometers or digital meters. We repair and calibrate spirit levels, roughness testers, dial indicators, three touch cavity gauges and electronic altimeters etc.

Our calibration certificates are required for a wide range of activities and industries such as engineering, medical, automotive, food processing, construction industries etc.

Calibration laboratory equipment

Our calibration laboratory is at the most accurate level possible. The range of measuring instruments is the most accurate in Central Europe. The selection of new measuring devices to serve as standards for the transmission of dimensions and data is always very strict. Our best CMC measurement capability and the measurement uncertainty stated on the calibration sheets also correspond with the quality.

We offer:

  • Calibration
  • Purchase of measuring instruments
  • Product measurement
  • Service and repairs
Kalibrační laboratoř
Kalibrační laboratoř
How does it work?

The entire calibration process is conducted electronically. The advantage of this system is the cloud storage, which stores your calibration sheets instantly and clearly. After the calibration, the calibration result is available for you to view.

Calibrations are carried out in air-conditioned calibration laboratories, or we also carry out external calibrations at the customer’s premises. This may involve, for example, calibration of granite surface plates, Keyence and other microscopes, universal length meters, profile projectors, laser/mechanical length sensors, 3D measuring instruments and arms, etc.

Why us?
  • Free of charge regular collection and delivery of meters for calibration and repair, others by arrangement
  • Calibration sheets in a foreign language at no extra charge
  • Calibration with laser-interferometer

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to visit the contacts section. Inquiries should be directed to email