Accredited Inspection Body No. 4071

Notified body for conformity assessment of lifts and their safety components according to act No. 90/2016 and Government Regulation No. 122/2016 Sb.

Authorised person for the assessment of equipment for lifting persons or persons and loads with a risk of falling from a height exceeding a vertical distance of more than three metres according to Act No. 22/1997 and Government Regulation No. 176/2008 Sb.

The inspection body has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

The inspection body carries out assessment and inspection activities for new and operational lifting equipment, lifts and steel structures as part of lifting equipment.

The inspection body carries out inspections of lifts according to ČSN 27 4007/2014, which are a permanent part of buildings, as well as inspections and professional tests of cranes, mobile working platforms, rack stackers and hoists.

Extract from the database of the Czech Accreditation Institute

Inspection Body No. 4071 – attachment of the certificate and the subject of accreditation. A list of the inspections we carry out and their price list will be sent to you on request.

A list of products that can be assessed by the Inspection Body will be sent to you on request.

Other areas of competence of the Inspection Body

The assessment of machinery according to Government regulation No. 378/2001 Sb.

The inspection body carries out the assessment of machinery, technical equipment, instruments and tools in terms of the requirements for safe operation according to the Government regulation No. 378/2001 Sb., carries out risk analysis of machinery and pressure equipment, prepares operating instructions and local operating safety regulations for machinery, prepares documents for issuing the EC Declaration of Conformity for machinery according to the Government regulation No.176/2008 Sb.

Revisions, revision tests and tests of dedicated lifting equipment including revisions of electrical equipment of lifts.

The inspection body is authorised by the Technical Inspectorate of the Czech Republic to carry out inspections, revision tests and tests of dedicated lifting equipment, including inspections of electrical equipment of lifts.

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Technical inspections of ski lifts

The company is also authorised to carry out technical inspections and tests of specified technical equipment after intervention in welding (repair, reconstruction) or after intervention in the equipment implying a deviation from the technical documentation in the scope for specified technical transport equipment – ski lifts, which are not specified products (Decision of the Ministry of Transport No.: 75/2011-130-SPR/5)

Request for inspection

Inspection is carried out on the basis of a request for inspection. The form is available from the inspection body and shall be sent by the inspection body to the customer in written or electronic form on request. The result of the inspection is sent back in the form of an inspection report or an evaluation report and a certificate.