Certification body for products No.3101

The product certification body has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 for:

  • Flat-rolled hot-rolled steel products – Sheets
  • Steel tubes, pipes, hollow profiles, seamless – Mining pipes
  • Steel wire ropes, cables, plaited bands, slings and similar products, not electrically unsulated – Wire ropes, slings
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators and linear motion engines (cylinders) – Hydrostatic mechanisms
  • Elevators and conveyors designed for continuous operation and for underground use – Mining conveying equipment including anchoring equipment – Nail conveyors, belt conveyors
  • Boring and sinking machines for coal and rock mining, tunnel boring machines for boring tunnels and adits, other boring and sinking machines, individual reinforcement including anchoring and locking devices
  • Parts for drilling, boring or quarrying machines – Parts for mining and quarrying machines
  • Tubes, pipes and hoses made out of vulcanised rubber, other than hard rubber – Low, mid and high pressure hoses with engineering fitting, pipes and hoses with engineering fitting for extra high pressure
  • Plastic products
  • Plastic film sheets and strips
  • Pellets from municipal waste (plastic, paper, cardboard, textile, wood, rubber) – solid alternative fuels

Extract from Czech Accreditation Institute database

Certification body no. 3101 – attachment of certification and subject accreditation. We will send you the list of products that we assess on request.

The Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ) has granted our company an authorization according to Governement Regulation 176/2008 Sb. for for conformity assessment of machinery:

Equipment used for lifting a person or peoples and loads, where there is a risk of falling from a height exceeding a vertical distance of three or more meters“ dated 22. 05. 2019

Lifts“ dated 07.03.2019

Hydraulically operated mechanised reinforcements“ dated 30. 03. 2020

For certification, the certification body uses the results of tests conducted in its own accredited Testing Laboratory No.1322 and in contract laboratories that are also accredited. In addition to the test results, the certification body also uses the results of its own checks of the documentation and the product in accordance with the certification procedure developed for each product type.

Application for certification

Certification is based on an application for certification. The form is available from the certification body and shall be sent in written or electronic form to the customer by the certification body on request. The result of the certification procedure is provided to the customer in the form of test reports, an evaluation report and a certificate.

If you are interested in certifying your product, we provide here the form APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION, APPLICATION FOR EC TYPE CERTIFICATION, APPLICATION FOR  CONCLUDING CERTIFICATION OF LIFTS which you must download and save to your drive. This document is created in MS Word 2000. Fill in the document and send it to info@tlo.cz. If you do not wish to download the form or there is some other problem that prevents you from doing so, please contact us personally.

Seznam vydaných certifikátů a informace o platnosti příslušného certifikátu poskytneme na vyžádání. A list of issued certificates and information on validity of the relevant certificate will be provided to you on request. 

Any complaints or objections are handled by COV staff upon written delivery to info@tlo.weiron.cz.


Other activities

Approval of limestone dust for dusting mining equipment and for the construction of explosion-proof closures

TECHNICAL LABORATORIES OPAVA, joint-stock company, approves of using limestone dust for dusting mining equipment and for the construction of explosion-proof  closures from the point of view of their use underground and appoints an expert for carrying out the necessary tests:
Ing. Hana Věžníková

Assessment of plastic materials for use in underground mines

TECHNICAL LABORATORIES OPAVA, joint-stock company assesses plastic mass that is to be used in underground mines, for their approval from the fire-technical point of view, for the preparation of expert opinions and for carrying out the necessary tests an expert is appointed in the above-mentioned joint-stock company:
Ing. Hana Věžníková