Load tests

The main objective of a load test is to determine the maximum amount of load that a structure or component can withstand before it reaches its limit or fails. Load tests usually involve the application of static or dynamic loads, depending on the nature of the object under test. They are carried out using specialised equipment such as hydraulic actuators, weights or mechanical systems, depending on the specific requirements of the test.

State-of-the-art testing equipment

Our facility boasts extensive equipment, including a test hall and its large test frames. Among them, the largest test frame stands out with an impressive capacity to handle forces of up to 25,000 kN. This enables us to tackle even the most demanding load test requirements with precision and accuracy.

Flexible on-site testing

In addition to our well-equipped equipment, we also offer the possibility to conveniently perform measurements and load tests on your premises. This flexibility enables efficient testing procedures and evaluation of components or structures in their operating environment.

Real-time data monitoring

During the testing process, we use advanced strain gauges and monitoring systems that record data in real time. This allows us to measure key parameters such as force, temperature, sample deflection, pressure within the sample, trajectories and deformation. Real-time data monitoring facilitates rapid analysis and informed decision making.

Quick solutions for testing

We understand the importance of time in the testing process and are committed to delivering tests as soon as possible. In addition, we offer comprehensive support, including the manufacture of the necessary fixtures or equipment required to perform the test efficiently.

Thorough documentation and calibration

During the tests we regularly take photos of the testing process. This documentation allows detailed analysis and evaluation. In addition, to maintain maximum accuracy, our equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure reliable and consistent results. The output of the test is then an accredited test report in Czech or your required language.

Load tests and force range

Test equipment

Force range

Universal tensile machine ZD10/90 0÷100 kN
Universal tensile machine ZD100 0÷1 000 kN
Universal pressure machine DB 600 0÷6 000 kN
Dynamometer TA11 0÷10 kN
Dynamometer TA21 0÷100 kN
Dynamometer PROMI Classic 0÷500 N
Dynamometer tensile device 500 kN 0÷500 kN
Dynamometer device ZV-92 0÷1 MN
Dynamometer device CDZ 400 T 0÷2 MN
Dynamometer cylinder device 2 000 kN 0÷2 000 kN