Powered Roof Support Testing Facility

The powered roof support Testing Facility carries out laboratory tests of mechanised mine powered roof support, mine powered roof support for long boring machines, materials and structures, prefabricated reinforced concrete for tunnel and underground mine construction, operational measurements of mechanised powered roof support, hydraulic cylinders and legs, individual junction powered roof support, elements of arc mine reinforcement powered roof support and unconnected and articulated ceilings. This is a dedicated facility of our accredited testing laboratory and the largest mine reinforcement testing laboratory in Europe – it has test frames with a load capacity of up to 2,500 tonnes, which is unrivalled in Europe. This is one of the reasons why we carry out tests of mining mechanised reinforcements powered roof support for customers all over the world (e.g. Poland, USA, Australia or China).

Standards for accredited tests
  • EN-1804-1
  • EN-1804-2
  • EN-1804-3
  • GOST 31561
Powered Roof Support Testing Facility - how does it work?

Depending on the requirements and needs of the customer, we perform non-destructive testing – magnetic, ultrasonic or capillary. During the tests we carry out detailed photo documentation of the tested sample and the test process. At the same time, we also visually inspect the powered roof support parts and their welds throughout the test. Everything is carried out by certified and qualified personnel. However, our capabilities go beyond simply testing powered roof support. We also perform stress testing of steel structures, compressing and straightening of welded structures.

Sample monitoring and analysis

In our testing process, we offer customers the unique opportunity to closely monitor their samples and track the pressure progression in the hydraulic props in real time. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced DEWETRON software, we provide high-quality strain gauge measurements.

We do what you say

The flexibility is in your hands as you can determine the location, number and type of strain gauges to be used. Once testing has begun, we capture and record the data, which we conveniently pass on to you in Excel format for further analysis.

Our testing capabilities extend to mechanised reinforcements, based on the number of load cycles you select. Alternatively, we can continue testing until the reinforcement itself reaches its breaking point, revealing its weakest link.

Accredited test reports and certification services

We provide comprehensive testing services at our facility, which are completed with accredited test protocols available in both Czech and your preferred language. These protocols serve as an authoritative record of test results. We also offer additional certification services for all mechanised reinforcement based on the accredited test report and supplied documentation in accordance with the 2006/42/EC legislation on machinery.

Basic parameters of test rigs

Test frame

CDZ 1050 CDZ 1800 CDZ 2500
Length [mm] 4 100 6 000 8 000
Width [mm] 5 500 3 000 4 000
Height [mm] 500 to 4 500 500 to 6 000 1 500 to 7 500
Testing force 8 000 kN 18 000 kN 25 000 kN
Testing pressure 0–100 MPa
Vibration tests in the hydraulic circuit

Our facility offers hydraulic vibration tests specifically designed to analyze the proper functioning of hydraulic circuits. Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we provide the ability to connect up to 8 pressure sensors to carefully record pressure readings during tests.


One of the key advantages of our testing process is the immediate availability of measured data for the customer. This approach allows our customers to react quickly to test results and suggest appropriate corrective measures to ensure the optimal operation of their hydraulic circuits.