Cooperation of services

In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution, collaboration of services is key. Therefore, we are expanding our repertoire of services by cooperating with a partner laboratory located in Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland. Thanks to this strategic alliance, we are able to provide and facilitate tests that complement our testing laboratory. By utilizing this collaboration, we strive to provide exceptional service and satisfy the unique requirements of our clients.

Service cooperation - services offered

1. Mechanical vibration tests

2. Noise tests

3. Lighting tests

  • Electric lighting of indoor and outdoor workplaces
  • Lighting measurement
  • Lighting uniformity

4. Electrical and electronic tests

  • AC and DC voltage measurement
  • Measurement of direct and alternating currents
  • Frequency and capacitance measurement

5. Climate and environmental tests

  • Environmental tests – Part 2-1: Tests – Test A: Cold
  • Environmental tests – Part 2-2: Tests – Test B: Dry heat
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-78: Tests – Cabin test: moist heat fixed

6. Flammability tests

  • Flammability of electrical and optical cables and wires using 1 kW compound flame and diffusion flame
  • Test method for resistance to vertical flame propagation of a single insulated wire, electric or optical fibre cable during direct exposure to fire

7. IP and CI code tests

  • Degree of protection provided by the covers (IP code) according to the requirements of PN-EN 60529:2003
  • Degree of protection against external mechanical shock provided by electrical equipment covers (IK code) in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 50102:2001

8. Tests of fire shelters

  • Measurement of geometric quantities
  • Shell resistance to pressure, static and dynamic pressure loads and protection against explosion transmission

9. Tests for automotive

  • Electrical tests, including tests for electrostatic properties, resistance and electrical strength
  • EMC tests, including emissions and immunity tests

10. RoHS tests

  • Testing of electrical and electronic equipment according to Directive 2011/65/EU

Range of tests offered