Repair and service of measuring instruments

Measuring instruments and other equipment may lose accuracy, break down or require other maintenance over time. This is where our Gauge Repair and Service Department comes into play, repairing all gauges based on spare parts availability. It includes certified service of TESA common gauges and height gauges (representation for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland). We provide complete service of the instruments including adjustment, setting and entering corrections. For each instrument we also perform accredited calibration. Repair and service of measuring instruments requires specialized knowledge and skills. Our technicians must therefore be very familiar with the principles and functions of gauges, as well as knowledge about their specific types and technologies.

Repairs of gauges and measuring instruments that are out of calibration are only carried out when it is cost-effective to do so and unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

Repair and service of TESA gauges
  • Full service of measuring instruments
  • Replacements of unrepairable products
  • Warranty repairs – handling warranty cases in cooperation with the TESA distributor where the product was purchased
  • Technical support and spare parts sales
  • Adjustment, setup and input of corrections
  • Calibration with the issue of an accredited calibration certificate
  • Training on TESA products
  • TESA product consultation
Warranty and post-warranty service of TESA gauges
  • Height gauges – 350-600-900 mm
  • Tesa Hite
  • Tesa Hite+M
  • Tesa Hite MAGMA
  • Micro Hite
  • Micro Hite + M
  • Micro Hite 2016
  • Unimaster
  • Interapid-IRA 2
  • Inductive lever probes (sensors) GT-31, axial probes (sensors) GT-22
  • Display units TT-60 to 80, TT10, Twin-T10
  • Roughness testers
  • Communal Tesa
Overhaul of three-coordinate measuring instruments:
  • Micro Hite DERBY 3D
  • Tesa Micro Hite 3D
Repair of municipal engineering gauges of various manufacturers:
  • Calipers – analog/digital
  • Micrometers – analog/digital 
  • Dial indicators – analog/digital
  • Dial test indicators
  • Comparators
  • Microcators
  • Somcators
  • Two and Three-point internal micrometer – digital/analog
  • External and internal dial calipers
  • Thread gauges
  • Cylindrical gauges
  • Knife straight edges
  • Bevel edge squares
  • Straight edge rulers
  • Protractors – analog/digital
  • Repairs of atypical measuring instruments
  • Digital height gauges TESA
  • Roughness testers Mitutoyo

That is not all

We can also offer scraping and repair of straight edge rulers and machine spirit levels, analogue, digital (e.g. TESA Niveltronic, TESA Microbevel, TESA Bluebevel).

We also repair optical and digital length measuring machines, engineering microscopes and profile projectors.

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